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AirZ Vacuum Stopper for Screw & Standard Bottle Neck

AirZ Vacuum Stopper for Screw & Standard Bottle Neck

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Introducing the AirZ Vacuum Stopper for Screw & Standard Bottle Neck, the ultimate accessory for wine enthusiasts who value the freshness and taste of their wines. This universal vacuum stopper is designed to provide an airtight seal for both traditional and screw-mouth wine bottles, ensuring your wines stay at their best for longer.


Operating Principle:

The AirZ Vacuum Stopper operates on a simple yet effective principle to achieve an airtight seal. Here's how it works:

When the vacuum pump is moved up, it creates a vacuum in the suction chamber, which raises the valve.
The valve remains open until the pressure equalizes between the pump and the bottle.
When the pump is pushed down, the valve closes, and the pumped air leaves the suction chamber.
This cyclic process repeats as needed, maintaining the vacuum seal.



Using the AirZ Vacuum Stopper is easy and straightforward. Follow these steps for optimal results:

  1. Place the vacuum seal on the vacuum stopper or the plate of a mason jar (with a pre-drilled 2.5-3 mm hole in the middle). You can use a simple nail as well for low-impact sealing.
  2. Ensure that the sharper edge of the vacuum valve is facing up.
  3. Position the pump on the valve and pump out the air with 5-15 beats.
  4. Remove the pump by holding down the edge of the valve with one hand, and you're done.



The AirZ Vacuum Stopper is designed to work seamlessly with AirZ's self-developed and manufactured vacuum pump, available in various colors.

However, it can also be used with vacuum pumps from other manufacturers, including Vacu Vin, Le Creuset, and STATUS. If you already own one of these devices, simply order the vacuum seal for a cost-effective solution.


Advantages over Similar Products:

The AirZ Vacuum Stopper offers several advantages over vacuum plugs designed for a similar purpose:

  • The vacuum valve can be separated and used independently for vacuuming canning jars, providing the functionality of a vacuum container alongside wine sealing.
  • Choose from a wide range of color combinations to suit your preferences.
  • It can be operated both as a valve with a mason jar and as a wine stopper with the manual vacuum pump of most competitors.
  • Its compact design allows for affordable shipping, as it fits in a postal envelope, unlike traditional corks.

Enhancements and Maintenance:

For a simple, quick, and hygienic valve fixing, consider using the affordable silicone glue offered on our webshop. The vacuum plug is dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean and maintain. With nine color combinations available, you can select the colors that match your style and preferences.


Preserve the Freshness of Your Wines:

Choose the AirZ Vacuum Stopper for Screw & Standard Bottle Neck and experience the convenience and effectiveness of this versatile wine preservation tool. With its airtight sealing capability and compatibility with various vacuum pumps, you can enjoy your wines for longer periods while maintaining their original quality. Bid farewell to spoiled wines and savor every sip with the AirZ Vacuum Stopper.

Note: Vacuum pump and mason jar not included.

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