Frequently asked questions

Is cash on delivery possible?

Basically no. We offer this payment method to some countries. Please look at the payment conditions.


Why have I yet to receive the ordered product?

We do not keep all products in stock. In many cases, we start the production after the order, which can increase the delivery time by up to 2-3 days.

In all cases, we send a confirmation email about the shipment of the goods. If, despite this, the goods do not arrive within five days,


The product's colour does not match what you see on the screen.

The shades may be changed. In this case, please let us know, and we will exchange the product free of charge.

If the given colour is the same, but the shade is slightly different from what you imagined, the explanation is that often the computer screen does not show the same colour depth as the product in reality.

In such cases, it is also possible to make a complaint, and by our terms of purchase, we will refund the value of the ordered goods.


How can we create a more effective vacuum with the manual vacuum pump?

The size of the vacuum depends on the ratio of the unfilled air part of the space to be vacuumed and the stroke volume of the vacuum pump, as well as the number of operating cycles.

So, you can choose a smaller vacuum container or a larger pump, or the vacuuming must be carried out longer. You can find a more detailed description of this topic on our page on the operation of vacuum packaging pumps.

The operation of the vacuum pump is complex. It sucks with difficulty, which requires tremendous effort.

Like all similar pneumatic structures, they have a piston ring that requires lubrication.

This ensures a good seal and smooth operation of the piston. Lubricate the rubber ring with the purchased silicone grease according to our maintenance instructions.

If this is your first time buying it or it's already sold out, you can cheaply reorder or use commercially available silicone grease.


Why does food spoil sooner than we would have expected if vacuum-packed?

Vacuum packaging or its forms is an excellent means of sealing off food from the outside world without air or oxygen, preventing or slowing down spoilage bacteria growth.

At the same time, the deterioration process depends on the initial state, how fresh the food is, the cleanliness of the container, the storage method (dark or sunny environment) and temperature.

In addition, the stored food's unique characteristics must also be considered. There are also many types of bacteria, which all react differently to a lack of oxygen.

You can read about this topic on several of our pages, e.g. under the food storage menu item.


Why doesn't the mason jar close, or did the vented container lower itself later?

Our jar seals have been tested for a long time and work perfectly. You may not have applied them according to the description, perhaps by swapping the pages.

The contact surface may have become dirty during use. The problem can be eliminated by cleaning.

The mason jar itself, the tile is often faulty, or both. In other words, they do not fit hermetically with each other. T

his is not our fault, please try another glass or lid, but it is possible that they only need a thorough cleaning.


Why doesn't the top of the mason jar open?

The connection of the plate and the mason jar and their cleanliness must be checked to ensure the storage container's long-term closure after vacuuming and because possible dirt can "glue" them together firmly.

Sometimes permanently.

Another reason could be carelessness. Before opening the bottles, the seal must always be opened, i.e. the vacuum must be removed.

Otherwise, the pressure difference can force the lid down so strongly that it becomes insoluble, like preserves.


Useful tips:

You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you find out before vacuuming your food.

Read our collected tips for preparing food for storage!