The mason jar can also be used as a vacuum container for food storage

It has long been known that food stored in a vacuum retains its freshness for a longer time.

They can be stored safely for a significantly extended time to increase their shelf life and consumption time.

That is why various forms of vacuum packaging have been used in the food packaging industry for decades.

 vacuumed mason jars


Jars for vacuum storage

One such technology is when air is pumped out of rigid-walled containers and airtight plastic bags with the help of a correctly applied valve and a manual or mechanical vacuum pump.

After the valve is closed, the vacuum in the said storage containers remains for a long time, sealing the food from the spoiling effect of the outside air.


The containers can be made of metal, glass, hard plastic, etc.), especially well-known mason jars and wine bottles in households.

AirZ vacuum pumps for mason jars as food container

Vacuum pumps with seals for mason jars


Our company offers a practical, economical solution that can be operated without electricity.

You only need a suitable vacuum pump, seal, and mason jar. Look around on our webshop and choose from the selection you like!

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Among others, we know the following brands under which vacuum containers are offered for similar purposes: Status, VacuVin, Dafi, Takaje, Vacsy, Laica, Le Creuset, Lava, and Zepter.


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  • Because if you want different ready meals in several storage containers or to store food, the cheapest solution is to vacuum the mason jars. You can find a more detailed comparison on our vacuum container selection criteria page.
  • There are also 4-5 litre mason jars available; however, as far as we know, no vacuum containers with such a capacity are produced
  • Our product range does not only include vacuum pumps of one type of capacity, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • You can order our vacuum pumps in many colour combinations.

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Whatever you decide, if you already use or are just about to use a modern and helpful way of storing food, we recommend the following sound advice: What should we pay attention to preparing food for vacuum sealing?