Air-tight storage of spices under vacuum

spice powder storage in vacuum sealed mason jars


Clumping-free storage of spice powder


Spices, spice powders, seeds and leaves are usually available in dried form, and we store them that way.

Although they have an extended warranty even when kept outdoors, it is still worth considering storing them in an airtight form.

The most compelling reasons are:


1. Due to state preservation

After opening, ground spices in powder form absorb the air's moisture content. This starts the deterioration process.

Regardless, deterioration always occurs when the spice powder clumps together, and it is difficult to dispense the desired amount.

Everybody knows the phenomenon when reaching into the bag of spices. You come across not a dry powder that can be sprinkled but a clumped, hardened mass.

2. Due to the preservation of aroma substances

The essence of most spices is the aroma and volatile substances they contain. Although their excessive consumption is not always healthy, we still use and consume them precisely because of their taste.

When in contact with air, the volatile substances, as is also contained in the word itself, evaporate. The more air it gets, the more it ventilates, and the sooner it loits power. Well, why should we give up?


3. Due to the effect of the spices

Spices are usually stored together, close to each other, in the same room.
The problem is that if the air circulates freely, they can easily absorb each other's scents and flavours.

So, after a while, we are still determining which spice to use, for which dish, and in what quantity.

They mix in such a way that we can hardly tell them apart.


Vacuum spice containers from mason jars


Finally, an interesting point

It is well known that certain foods, such as rice, spices, onions or sweet potatoes, can be stored for long periods at low humidity and higher temperatures.

For this reason, they need more than freezing or refrigerated storage. In contrast to fruits freezing, you can read about it on another page.

Starting from the fact that rice absorbs the moisture content of the air, a famous Korean designer created a glass container within a small container filled with rice attached to the cap.

This provides a sufficiently dry medium to prevent the spices from clumping.
Of course, this can also be a solution. Some people think it is funny, and others might even smile. He may also be awarded at a design competition for the revolutionary concept of ​​storing.

Well, it is unnecessary to experiment with the suction power of rice. You can do it with our excellent and highly cost-effective vacuum system. The airtight storage of spices can be practically solved.

The attached photos speak for themselves. After all, by pumping out the air, we also remove its moisture content.

The most practical spice storage. The mason jar is a spice holder!