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AirZ Wine Saver - Handmade

AirZ Wine Saver - Handmade

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Introducing the AirZ Wine Saver - Handmade, the perfect companion for wine enthusiasts who appreciate the taste and aroma of a well-preserved bottle of wine.

This wine saver set includes a small 74 cm3 wine pump and three universal wine seals, allowing you to prolong the original flavor and quality of your favorite wines.


Contents of the package:

  • 1 x 74 cm3 small wine pump
  • 3 universal wine seals suitable for vacuuming wine bottles

With the AirZ Wine Saver, you can confidently open a bottle of wine knowing that you can preserve its freshness for longer periods. The three included wine seals provide the flexibility to save and preserve up to three bottles of wine. The advantage of these seals is their separability, allowing them to be used individually for different bottles.

In addition to wine bottles, these versatile wine seals can also be used with mason jars, transforming them into efficient vacuum containers. This opens up the possibility of vacuum-sealing other beverages or food items in mason jars, providing airtight storage and extended freshness.


Crafted with attention to detail, the AirZ Wine Saver is a handmade accessory that complements your wine collection and enhances your wine-drinking experience. It is designed to preserve the original flavor, aroma, and quality of your cherished wines, ensuring that every sip is as enjoyable as the first.


The AirZ Wine Saver is an essential tool for wine lovers who appreciate the nuances of a well-preserved bottle of wine. Whether you're a casual wine enthusiast or a connoisseur, this wine saver set allows you to extend the lifespan of your opened bottles, reducing waste and maximizing enjoyment.


Invest in the AirZ Wine Saver - Handmade and experience the convenience of preserving the integrity of your favorite wines. Enjoy the flexibility of saving multiple bottles with the included universal wine seals, and explore the versatility of using mason jars as vacuum containers.

Elevate your wine storage and savor the richness of each pour with the AirZ Wine Saver.

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