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Bread Keeper - Kitchen Aid

Bread Keeper - Kitchen Aid

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Introducing the Bread Keeper, the ultimate solution for keeping your bread fresh and delicious for an extended period. This package includes a manual vacuum pump with a capacity of 173 cm3 and blue jar seals designed for vacuuming mason jars.


Contents of the bread box:

  • One manual vacuum pump (173 cm3)
  • One pack (5 pcs/pack) of blue jar seals suitable for mason jars

This product is perfect for individuals who appreciate the taste and texture of freshly baked bread, even after several days of storage. Whether you have a busy schedule or prefer to purchase bread in larger quantities, the Bread Keeper ensures that your bread remains fresh and enjoyable.

For those on a diet, managing carbohydrate intake is essential. However, buying only a few slices of bread daily is not always practical. With the Bread Keeper, you can store your favorite bread, diabetic biscuits, baked goods, and other dry goods without worrying about them losing their freshness or becoming stale.


Our manual vacuum pump creates an airtight seal, preventing your bread and other items from sticking or absorbing moisture. This means your bread stays soft, moist, and free from any unpleasant odors. The blue jar seals included in the package can also be used with various airtight kitchen containers, simply by making a small hole in the lid.


Don't settle for traditional bread boxes or baskets that only offer limited freshness. Embrace the superior storage capabilities of the Bread Keeper. Whether you have opened a pack of bread, scones, or other baked goods that need to be protected from drying out or absorbing moisture, our manual vacuum storage tool is the ideal solution.


Experience the convenience and freshness of the Bread Keeper. Say goodbye to stale bread and enjoy the satisfaction of savoring perfectly preserved, delicious bread whenever you desire. Ideal for food storage enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the value of long-lasting freshness.

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