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Casting Resin Storage Tool Set

Casting Resin Storage Tool Set

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We offer the Casting Resin Storage Tool Set designed specifically for model makers and hobby enthusiasts. This comprehensive package includes essential tools to preserve and protect your modeling materials.


Contents of the package:

  • Small 74 cm3 manual vacuum pump
  • 5 universal vacuum stoppers for wine bottles
  • 1 package (5 pcs) jar seals

The isocyanate component of two-component polyurethane casting resins is highly sensitive to air, particularly the humidity in the air. When exposed, it reacts with water, crystallizing and becoming unusable. To prevent this, it is crucial to store these materials properly.


With the included vacuum pump and five vacuum stoppers, you can create airtight seals for up to five different materials, including polyurethane and epoxy resin. By eliminating air and humidity, you can significantly extend the shelf life of your modeling materials, ensuring they remain in optimal condition for your projects.


Furthermore, these vacuum stoppers can be detached from the pump and used on mason jars, turning them into efficient vacuum containers. Whether you need to store modeling materials or other items, the versatility of this tool set allows you to maintain airtight conditions and protect your valuable supplies.


Discover the benefits of vacuum sealing jars for various applications.

Elevate your modeling experience and keep your materials fresh and ready for your next project with the Casting Resin Storage Tool Set.

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