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AirZ Instant Marinator

AirZ Instant Marinator

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Introducing the AirZ Instant Marinator, a convenient solution for quick and flavorful meat and vegetable preparation. This package offers a simple and affordable way to achieve mouthwatering results before baking or grilling.

Parts of the set:

  • 1 two-color 173 cm3 vacuum pump
  • 1 pack (5 pcs/pack) of transparent vacuum valves suitable for mason jars

With our package offer, you can enjoy the benefits of quick pickling in mason jars of up to 4.2 liters.

Our manual vacuum pump with a stroke volume of 173 cm3 provides the necessary power for efficient vacuum sealing.

To use the AirZ Instant Marinator, generously coat your meats with your favorite marinade. Place the slices in the mason jar, ensuring the marinade covers the flesh as much as possible. Then, using the tools included in the package, create a vacuum seal.

Our method accelerates the marinating process without the need for electricity. It's a convenient and efficient way to infuse your meats with flavor, making them tender and succulent.

One of the great advantages of the AirZ Instant Marinator is its versatility. Unlike other marinators, it can be used for outdoor grilling or easily taken on trips. Enjoy delicious marinated meats wherever you go.

With the freedom to choose the size of the vacuum vessel based on your mason jar, you can optimize the efficiency of your pickling process. Experience the convenience and delicious results provided by the AirZ Instant Marinator.

Whether you're a grill lover or gourmet, elevate your culinary experience with quick and easy meat preparation using the AirZ Instant Marinator.

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