You can speed up the marinating of meats with our vacuum system

We know several ways of marinating different meats.


  • Some people inject the marinade into the meats prepared for baking with the help of an injection needle;
  • others coat the surface of the meat with different spices or a mixture of them and then pour enough oil over the meat to cover it. The meat is aged in the refrigerator for several days.


Especially in summer, when the weather is most suitable for grilling in the garden, keeping the meat outdoors or even in the refrigerator for several days is not negligible.

Although the effectiveness of marinating increases over time, the meat also begins to deteriorate.

This can be prevented by shortening the pickling time.

There are small kitchen appliances, and marinators, also known as quick picklers, which speed up the above process.

That's why we call them quick pickles.


Their operating principle is to create reduced pressure in the space around the prepared meat, i.e. a certain level of vacuum.

This sucks the air out of the meat's fibres and the hair tubes in the beef, where the marinade readily diffuses and enters.

With this, we can achieve that the pickling time is reduced to a fraction. With quick pickling of half an hour, we get the same result as with 1-2 days of open-air, atmospheric pickling.


Instead of expensive mariners that usually require an electrical connection, we offer a straightforward solution.


With our vacuum pump and a suitable mason jar, we can do the same cheaply as with an expensive quick pickling machine.

In addition, you can marinate several kg of grilled meat in a 4-litre household jar. Since mason jars are widely available in every household, we can simultaneously use several marinades for different portions.

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