Using, softening and flavoring pellet bait

Today, every angler knows what a pellet is.


pellet baits softening with AirZ vacuum pump


Well, if there is someone who doesn't know:

- the pellet bait is a granule with a porous structure with a high protein content, which enables diverse and selective fishing with its highly diverse range of flavours and aromas.

It has exceptional baiting power and can be used in a targeted manner, mainly attracting large fish.

Suppose we want it to exert its effect quickly in the water. In that case, we need a vacuum space in which we can introduce moisture, water or another flavouring into the porous structure of the granule, thereby speeding up the softening of the pellet bait.

This way, you can save time and not wait for spontaneous loosening and spreading in the water, which otherwise takes place by itself.


  1. Once you have decided how much pellet bait you want to use, choose the suitable mason jar. This should have a capacity of approx—twice the weight of our pellet bait.
  2. Pour enough liquid into the bottle filled with pellet bait to cover it. The liquid is, of course, water and aroma or flavour mixture. We can adjust the proportions and quantity according to our taste and experience.
  3. Close the jar with a pre-punched canning plate, put the valve on it, and then pump out the air with the vacuum pump (pellet pump).
  4. Wait a few minutes, and the bait is ready! Even in such a short time, the flavoured liquid diffuses properly into the granulate. After all the pellets have sunk, we leave them in the water depending on the soft boili we need.

We can already use the "pre-accelerated" pellet.

All this can be easily achieved with the pellet pump we produce, a vacuum valve and an inexpensive mason jar.

 Airz pellet pump with baits

Although other manufacturers offer similar pellet pumps, remember that this solution:

  • for food storage, wine storage, etc., can also be used well, which you can read more about by clicking on the link
  • You can also ventilate 5-litre mason jars without any problems so that you can prepare up to 3 kg of bait at the same time


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