Has the wine gone sour? Read more about proper storage!

We have all encountered the phenomenon when the opened wine turned sour in the refrigerator in 1-2 days, or in a more common term, went bad. In such cases, of course, we get annoyed.

But can we do anything against it?

Quite a few - perhaps the majority - remark with sarcasm that when a bottle of wine is opened, it must be drunk immediately.

There is some truth in this, but what if we opened a bottle just for cooking, which we only use a little and want to consume the rest slowly over a few days?


Or, for some reason, we open several wines for tasting simultaneously?

Or is it simply because of the variety that we prefer less of the more than more of the same?

In addition, many people follow the principles of moderation and drink only one glass of good red wine daily. Besides, alone. That is, with one bottle in a week.

In such cases, the question of storing the wines for several days without quality deterioration always arises.


Opened wine with vacuum bottle stopper

Wine bottles with vacuum seals

It has been used for centuries as well-sealable bottles for long-term storage of wine.

This is not accidental because, in this way, we can preserve the quality of the wine for an almost unlimited time, sealed off from the air. Of course, only if the bottling was carried out professionally, under sterile conditions, and the wine was handled correctly and stored beforehand.

How much air is left in the bottle when filling it doesn't matter. If everything is done according to the regulations, we can say: Yes!

This lasts for up to 100 years without problems, and with time, only our grandchildren can taste the ever-increasing value of the noble liquid.

But what happens after opening the bottle?

Contact with air immediately starts the deterioration of the wine. Oxygen initiates irreversible processes. In particular, it causes a wine fault.

You can read more about wine faults on Wikipedia if you are interested.


By vacuuming wine bottles, you can protect the wines started from oxidation with a simple solution.

For this, we need two things.


  1. vacuum sealing cap or, according to more recent usage, wine stopper,
  2. a wine pump, with which we can effectively remove the air from the bottle.


Remember that the wine-saving supplies we offer help with quality wine storage and can also be used to store syrups and other drinks where it is crucial to ensure an airtight seal.

Wine storage with a vacuum system:

Wines stored this way retain their original flavour and freshness for 4-5 times longer!

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Remember that with five vacuum valves purchased for a wine rescue package, you can use precisely five mason jars as vacuum containers!