Deaeration of ceramic molding compound at home

The production of casting compound or casting mass requires special care.

This is especially true if we work as hobby ceramicists since there are probably higher-value types of equipment used in industry.


One of the most common errors is air bubbles and inclusions in the moulding compounds created during mixing.

This is because cavities filled with air are created during the firing of the product. The fired ceramic object finally inflates and possibly explodes.


But even tiny inclusions can cause such aesthetic deformation that our creation ends up in the trash can. In addition, the error often appears only after the glaze firing.

Needle puncture on the ceramic surface

Needle puncture on the ceramic surface


An obvious solution is, therefore, to remove the casting masses.

Under in-home conditions, it is generally recommended to let the material rest for up to a day after mixing the mass.

Another solution is that bubble removal can be done exceptionally simply, quickly and effectively in canning jars available everywhere in the household.

You only need a suitable vacuum pump and vacuum seal.

Our products in our webshop are suitable for that.

You get a cheap but usable device compared to the electric and more expensive bubble removal machines.

We strongly recommend it to modellers, silicone mould makers and everyone who works with casting and epoxy resins.

These materials must be vented during processing and stored in a vacuum.

You'll be able to read about the advantages of storing chemicals under a vacuum here.